AV Ministry    

The North Jackson Church provides weekly sermon tapes for shut-ins.  The “Groups” deliver to the people in their particular group.

A tape catalog lists the tapes by number, date, subject, and speaker.  A catalog is located on a table in the foyer.  Any member or visitor can order any sermon by filling out a “media request form.”  CD's can be purchased for $2.00 ($2.50 if mailed) each of which usually includes two sermons . For special programs such as lesson series, Gospel meetings, VBS etc. two lessons may USUALLY fit on a CD. If you are considering ordering these types of media you may wish to call the church office or email the sound room before placing your order.

Current sermons and the past year's sermons may be accessed online and downloaded directly free of charge. If you would like to order media, forms are available in the sound room. You may also access the order form here.