The History of North Jackson

The first record of the Lord’s church meeting in Jackson , Tennessee was in 1898 when five members met in the home of brother and sister J.R. Wilkinson at 1008 Highland Street . They soon made arrangements to meet in the Phythian Building on Main Street . In July 1909, the small group moved into a house built on a lot at the Southeast corner of Highland and Grand Avenue . That same year brother G.A. Dunn came to Jackson to conduct a gospel meeting. By that time the church had become a nice little congregation of about fifty members. The building stood until 1929, when a brick building was erected. It is now occupied by the Red Cross and is located at 718 Highland Avenue .

Young men from the college at Henderson often came to lead the worship services. Gospel meetings were a frequent occurrence, and they often lasted for two or three weeks. When brother T.B. Larrimore came for a meeting, services were conducted for an entire month.

Other notable speakers in gospel meetings have been J.D. Tant, Foy E. Wallace, Jr., Ira Doublin, G.C. Brewer, Guy N. Woods, Tom Holland and Billy Smith.

The congregation met in the brick building at 718 Highland until 1955. Then they occupied a new building at the corner of Allen and Edgewood Streets. During the past years these Christians, under the faithful and capable leadership of elders, have preached the simple truth of New Testament Christianity and emphasized mission works in numerous places throughout the world. At Home, the congregation was a leader in the establishment of the West Tennessee Children’s Home. It has also encouraged many young preachers from Freed-Hardeman University by having them work with the church. Some of these include Steve Parsons, Eddie Miller, Gene Gilliland, Gary Hampton, Les Jackson, Ken Kilpatrick, Cameron Traw, Andy Masters,Kelcy Hahn, David Powell, Miles Mayo, and Nathan Kidwell.

Elders were first appointed to the congregation meeting at Highland Street in 1910. The following men have served as elders: J.R. Wilkerson (1910-1915), J.E. Tatum (1910-1915), W.T. Wilson (1910-1912), W.G. Towne (1910-1915), G.B. Boyette (1913-1915), A.M. Tucker (1914-1923), H.W. Saunders (1915-1924), J.A. Gray (1922-1924), J.C. Humphry (1922-1924), J.T. Westmoreland (1924), W.C. Sellers (1924), W.H. Canaday (1924-1948), J.H. Joiner (1924-1930), J.E. Smith (1927-1933), C.R. Bennett (1932-1933), A.G. Holloway (1934), J.T. Robinson (1948-1952), E.H. Branch (1948, 1971-1981), H.A. Compton (1948-1969), J.T. Shoe (1955-1956), Clyde Boone (1957-1961), Robert Woods (1957-1961), Herman Smith (1964-1970), Robert Michie (1967-1970), Jack Hill (1969-1970), Gene Skelly (1971-1985, 1993-2001), H.T. Short (1971-1993), Victor Sullivan (1971-1991), Mitchell Spain (1971-2011), John Verell ( 1982-2013), Gary Martin ( 1985-P), Walter Drake (1982-1985, 1993-1995), Brad Winsett ( 1993-1996), Paul Norris (1996-2018), Ken Cargile ( 2001-2007), Randy Hysmith (2004-P), Allen Verell (2004-P), Doug Hays (2007-P), Dwight Jones (2011-P), David Beach (2013-P), Jared Jackson (2019-P), Glynn Carden (2021-P), Sean Jones (2021-P).

Local ministers have served this congregation well. They were T.M. Carney (1912), John T. Smith, C.S. Austin, W.S.Long, L.S. Lancaster, F.O. Howell, W.T. Hines, E.R. Harper, A.S.Landis, L.M. Coop, H.A. Dixon, Frank Van Dyke, O.D. Johns, George Tipps, Don Gardner, Flavil Nichols, Hugh Fulford, Carmack Skelton, Kelby Smith, Van Stewart, Charles McDonald, Phillip A. Dunn, Billy Watson, Russell Cook, Howell Ferguson, Josh Cook, and David Powell. Our present Ministers are:

Caleb Colley — Pulpit Minister
David Looney — Congregational Minister
John McCadams — Missions Minister

In March 1989, the church moved to a new facility located at the corner of Highway 45 Bypass and Oil Well Road , with a goal of serving the needs of the rapidly growing North Jackson area.

In the summer of 1996, we moved into a new 900 seat auditorium at the same location.

With God’s continued blessings, the brightest segment of our history is yet to come and we hope includes you.


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2780 Highway 45 Bypass
Jackson, Tennessee 38305

Office: (731) 664-7811
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Information Hotline: (731) 660-9000

Office Hours (M-F)
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Worship Times

The schedule below lists our regular meeting times. However, PLEASE SEE TEMPORARY WORSHIP SCHEDULE DUE TO COVID 19.

Morning Bible Study:  9:00 am – 9:45 am
Morning Worship:  10:00 am – 11:00 am
Evening Worship:  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Devotional and Bible Study:  7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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